Our Team

Our Team

We are a small development shop located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver. We started with a few loyal clients back in 2017 and have grown each year to handle more clients with bigger projects.

Dug Steen: Way back in the day, my dad bought the family a computer, but no games. “If you want to play computer games, you can write them yourself,” said Dad. And so I did.

It’s been many years since then, and many, many, many  games, programs, databases, websites, and mobile apps as well, but I still get a thrill from having software that I built thriving out in the world. I enjoy working with people and their ideas, shaping them into something feasible, and bringing them to life.

And yes, that’s how I spell my name. =)

Joe Griffith: Born and raised in Fort Collins, I’ve lived here nearly all my life. I have a lot of interests, but for a long time working on a career was not among them.

Eventually I got laid off from a job I didn’t love, and that gave me the motivation I needed to go back to school. Ironically, that job was in “programming,” and it had me convinced I was not interested in the subject. But the introductory programming course I took in my first semester drew me in with the satisfaction of being able to create useful things with a real programming language.

Now I’m doing real software development for a living, and I’m making interesting things that people actually want to use. It’s much better.